Übersetzung von “bite” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb bite /baɪt/ ( pt bit pp bitten )
transitive-intransitive to cut with your teeth

to bite into an apple
mordre dans une pomme

cats scratching and biting each other
des chats qui se griffent et se mordent

He bit off a piece of the bread.
Il arracha un morceau de pain d'un coup de dents.
transitive-intransitive (of insects) to draw blood leaving a raised spot on the skin

Mosquitoes were biting us.
Des moustiques nous piquaient.

Do spiders bite?
Est-ce que les araignées piquent ?
bite the bullet
to decide to do sth difficult
fam prendre son courage à deux mains

He finally bit the bullet and admitted his mistake.
Finalement, il prit son courage à deux mains et admit son erreur.
bite sb's head off
to suddenly and angrily criticize
informal rembarrer

I asked her, and she bit my head off.
Je lui ai posé la question et elle m'a rembarré.


noun countable bite /baɪt/
a mouthful of food
bouchée feminine

He spit out his food after one bite.
Il recracha la nourriture après une bouchée.

a bite-sized piece
un petit morceau
take a bite (out of sth)
prendre une bouchée (de qqch)

Ben took a huge bite out of the sandwich.
Ben prit une grosse bouchée du sandwich.
a mark where an animal or an insect bites you
piqûre feminine

a mosquito bite
une piqûre de moustique
a bite (to eat)
a small meal
morceau masculine

We went out for a bite to eat.
Nous sommes sortis manger un morceau.

I usually grab a bite on my way home from work.
En général, je prends un morceau sur la route pour aller travailler.

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verb /bait/ (past tense bit /bit/, past participle bitten /ˈbitn/)

to seize, grasp or tear (something) with the teeth or jaws

mordre, piquer
The dog bit his leg
He was bitten by a mosquito.
biting adjective

very cold and causing discomfort

a biting wind.

wounding or hurtful

a biting remark.
bite the dust

to fail; to be unsuccessful

mordre la poussière
That’s another scheme that’s bitten the dust.



the nibble of a fish on the end of one’s line

I’ve been fishing for hours without a bite.

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