Übersetzung von “blind” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveblind /blaɪnd/
≠sighted; unable to see

blind since birth
aveugle de naissance
go blind
become blind
devenir aveugle

He went blind as a result of the accident.
Il est devenu aveugle à la suite de cet accident.
unwilling to recognize the truth
aveugle , insensible

The government has been blind to the region's poverty.
Le gouvernement a été insensible à la pauvreté qui règne dans la région.
without reason

blind hatred/faith/panic
une haine/foi/panique aveugle

Love is blind.
L'amour est aveugle.


noun uncountable blindness [ ˈblaɪndnɪs ]
cécité feminine , fig aveuglement masculine

My blindness is not a curse.
Ma cécité n'est pas une malédiction.


verb transitiveblind /blaɪnd/
to cause sb to become unable to see
faire perdre la vue

an explosion which blinded him
une explosion qui lui a fait perdre la vue
to prevent sb from recognizing truth

people who are blinded by ambition
les gens qui sont aveuglés par l'ambition


noun countable blind /blaɪnd/
a covering that pulls down over a window
store masculine

Close the blinds.
Ferme les stores.

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adjective /blaind/

not able to see

a blind man.

(with to) unable to notice

aveugle (à)
She is blind to his faults.

hiding what is beyond

sans visibilité
a blind corner.

of or for blind people

pour les aveugles
a blind school.
blinding adjective

tending to make blind

a blinding light.


He realized, in a blinding flash, that she was the murderer.
blindly adverb

blindness noun

blind alley

a situation without any way out

This is a blind alley of a job – there are no prospects for promotion.
blindfold noun

a piece of cloth etc put over the eyes to prevent someone from seeing

The kidnappers put a blindfold over her eyes.
blind spot

any matter about which one always shows lack of understanding

refuser de comprendre/voir clair
She seems to have a blind spot about physics.

an area which is impossible or difficult to see due to an obstruction.

endroit sans visibilité
the blind leading the blind

one inexperienced or incompetent person telling another about something

l’aveugle conduisant l’aveugle
My teaching you about politics would be a case of the blind leading the blind.



something intended to mislead or deceive

He did that as a blind.

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