Übersetzung von “block” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableblock /blɒk/
a solid piece
bloc masculine

a block of wood/ice
un bloc de bois/glace

concrete blocks
des blocs de béton
the distance along a street from one crossing to another
pâté masculine de maisons

only three blocks from here
à seulement trois rues d'ici
a unit made of many parts
bloc masculine

a block of text
un bloc de texte

a block of meetings from 2 to 5 p.m.
une série de réunions de 14 à 17 heures
a difficulty that prevents progress or success
obstacle masculine

a block to the discussions
un obstacle aux discussions
Brit a large building or one part of a large building
immeuble masculine , bâtiment masculine

a block of flats
un immeuble d'habitation
an inability to think
blocage masculine
mental block
blocage (psychologique)

a mental block in the middle of the exam
un blocage au milieu de l'examen


verb transitiveblock /blɒk/
to stop sth from moving past or through

tall trees blocking the wind
de grands arbres qui bloquent le vent

software to block spam
logiciel pour bloquer le spam
to close an opening or path to stop sth moving past or through

Beavers blocked the hole with mud and leaves.
Des castors ont bouché le trou avec de la terre et des feuilles.
block sb's way
to stand in front of
bloquer le passage à

a police officer blocking my way
un policier qui me bloque le passage
to stop sth happening or progressing

small issues blocking an agreement
des petits problèmes empêchant un accord
to stop from seeing

Branches blocked the view.
Des branches bouchaient la vue.

block off

verb phrasal block off [ ˈblɒk ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to close in order to prevent sth moving through

Flooding had blocked off several roads.
L'inondation avait barré plusieurs routes.

block out

verb phrasal block out [ ˈblɒk ˈaʊt ]
to stop a light or a sound

dark curtains to block out the light
des rideaux sombres pour arrêter la lumière
to suppress unpleasant thoughts
refouler , occulter

She had blocked out the memory of that night.
Elle avait refoulé/occulté le souvenir de cette nuit.

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noun /blok/

a flat-sided mass of wood or stone etc

blocks of stone.

a piece of wood used for certain purposes

a chopping-block.

a connected group of houses, offices etc

a block of flats
an office block.

a barrier

barrage routier
a road block.

(especially American) a group of buildings bounded by four streets

I think I’ll take a walk round the block.
blockade /-ˈkeid/ noun

something which blocks every approach to a place by land or sea.

The blockade prevented supplies from entering the harbor.
blockage /-kidʒ/ noun

something causing a pipe etc to be blocked

a blockage in the pipe.
blocked adjective


I have a bad cold – my nose is blocked.
block capital/letter

a capital letter written in imitation of printed type, eg the letters in NAME.

majuscule d’imprimerie
blockhead noun

a stupid person.


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