Die Übersetzung von "blood" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /blad/

the red fluid pumped through the body by the heart

Blood poured from the wound in his side.

descent or ancestors

He is of royal blood.
bloodless adjective

without the shedding of blood

sans effusion de sang
a bloodless coup.


She is definitely bloodless.
bloody adjective

stained with blood

a bloody shirt
His clothes were torn and bloody.


en sang
a bloody nose.

murderous and cruel

a bloody battle.

used in slang vulgarly for emphasis

That bloody idiot nearly ran over my foot!
bloodcurdling adjective

terrifying and horrible

à (vous) figer le sang
Helen let out a bloodcurdling scream.
blood donor

a person who gives blood for use by another person in transfusion etc.

donneur/-euse de sang
blood group/type

any one of the types into which human blood is classified

groupe sanguin
Her blood group is O.
blood-poisoning noun

an infection of the blood

compoisonnement du sang
He is suffering from blood-poisoning.
blood pressure

the (amount of) pressure of the blood on the walls of the blood-vessels

tension artérielle
The excitement will raise his blood pressure
The nurse measured his blood pressure.
bloodshed noun

deaths or shedding of blood

effusion de sang
There was much bloodshed in the battle.
bloodshot adjective

(of eyes) full of red lines and inflamed with blood.

injecté de sang
His eyes were bloodshot through lack of sleep.
bloodstained adjective

stained with blood

taché de sang
a bloodstained bandage.
bloodstream noun

the blood flowing through the body

système sanguin
The poison entered her bloodstream.
blood test noun

an analysis of a patient’s blood to find out if he/she has any diseases. etc.

analyse de sand
bloodthirsty adjective

eager to kill people

assoiffé de sang
a bloodthirsty warrior.

(of a film etc) full of scenes in which there is much killing.

bloodthirstiness noun

cruauté sanguinaire
blood transfusion noun

the process of giving blood to someone through the veins during an operation etc.

transfusion sanguine
blood-vessel noun

any of the tubes in the body through which the blood flows

vaisseau sanguin
He has burst a blood-vessel.
in cold blood

while free from excitement or passion

de sang-froid
He killed his son in cold blood.

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