Übersetzung von “blow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbblow /bloʊ/ ( pt blew pp blown )
transitive-intransitive (of wind) to move or cause to move
souffler , faire (en)voler

The wind blew all night.
Le vent a soufflé toute la nuit.

strong winds blowing garbage down the street
les détritus que les vents forts faisaient voler dans la rue
transitive-intransitive to force air out of the mouth to move or fill sth

to blow into the tube
souffler dans le tube

He blew the fly off his arm.
Il souffla sur son bras pour faire partir la mouche.
transitive-intransitive to make a sound by pushing air through an instrument
jouer de

to blow a whistle
donner un coup de sifflet

She put the horn to her lips and blew.
Elle porta le cor à ses lèvres et se mit à jouer.
transitive informal to make a mistake and spoil an opportunity
ficher en l'air

He blew his big chance.
Il a tout fichu en l'air.
blow it

I was so scared I'd blow it.
J'avais tellement peur que j'ai tout gâché.
transitive informal (of money) to spend without caution

I'd just blown $300 on a bag.
Je venais de claquer 800 $ dans un sac.
intransitive (of electrical devices) to stop working due to an over-supply of electricity

The fuse had blown.
Les plombs avaient sauté.
transitive to supply an electrical device with too much electricity so that it stops working
faire disjoncter

Lightning hit and blew the electrical system.
La foudre a frappé et a fait disjoncter le réseau électrique.
blow sb's mind
informal to make sb feel amazed

The concert blew my mind.
J'ai été scotché par le concert.
blow your nose
to clear your nose by blowing
se moucher
blow sth (way) out of proportion
to exaggerate the seriousness of a problem

Calm down. You're blowing this way out of proportion.
Calme-toi. Inutile d'en faire un drame.
blow the whistle on
informal=inform on; to say you know sb has done sth wrong
dénoncer , tirer la sonnette d'alarme

He blew the whistle on his bosses' activities.
Il a dénoncé les activités de son patron.

blow away

verb phrasal blow away [ ˈbloʊ əˈweɪ ] informal
to make sb feel amazed

The mountain views blew me away.
La vue des montagnes m'a scotché.

blow out

verb phrasal blow out [ ˈbloʊ ˈaʊt ]
to stop a flame by pushing air across

to blow out the candles
souffler les bougies

blow over

verb phrasal blow over [ ˈbloʊ ˈoʊvər ]
(of difficult situations) to end without problems

The crisis soon blew over.
La crise a fini par retomber.

blow up

verb phrasal blow up [ ˈbloʊ ˈʌp ]
to explode or cause to explode
(faire) sauter

The building blew up.
L'immeuble a sauté.

They blew the car up.
Ils ont fait sauter la voiture.
to fill with air

to blow up some balloons
gonfler quelques ballons
informal =lose your temper; to suddenly get angry

He blows up over the smallest things.
Il explose pour un rien.


noun countableblow /bloʊ/
a shock causing great sadness
coup masculine

Her father's death came as a real blow to her.
La mort de son père lui a vraiment porté un coup.
a hard hit
coup masculine

to suffer a blow to the head
prendre un coup à la tête

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noun /bləu/

a stroke or knock

She suffered a blow to the head.

a sudden misfortune

coup (dur)
Her husband’s death was a real blow.


verb /bləu/ (past tense blew /blu/, past participle blown)

(of a current of air) to be moving

The wind blew more strongly.

(of eg wind) to cause (something) to move in a given way

faire (s’en)voler
The explosion blew off the roof of the house.

to be moved by the wind etc

être poussé par le vent
The door must have blown shut.

to drive air (upon or into)

Please blow into this tube!

to make a sound by means of (a musical instrument etc)

souffler dans
He blew the horn loudly.
blowhole noun

a breathing-hole (through the ice for seals etc) or a nostril (especially on the head of a whale etc).

blow-lamp noun ( blow-torch)

a lamp for aiming a very hot flame at a particular spot

He burned off the old paint with a blow-lamp.
blowout noun

the bursting of a car tyre

That’s the second blowout I’ve had with this car.

(on eg an oil rig) a violent escape of gas etc.

blowpipe noun

a tube from which a dart (often poisonous) is blown.

blow one’s top

to become very angry

She blew her top when he arrived home late.
blow out

to extinguish or put out (a flame etc) by blowing

éteindre (en soufflant)
The wind blew out the candle
The child blew out the match.
blow over

to pass and become forgotten

The trouble will soon blow over.
blow up

to break into pieces, or be broken into pieces, by an explosion

The bridge blew up / was blown up.

to fill with air or a gas

He blew up the balloon.

to lose one’s temper

If he says that again, I’ll blow up.

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