Übersetzung von “board” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounboard /bɔrd, boʊrd/
countable a flat piece of wood
planche feminine

a two-foot board
une planche de 60 cm

a chopping board
une planche à découper
countable a flat surface for playing a game
plateau masculine

a chess board
un échiquier
; see also board game
countable a group of people who make decisions
conseil masculine , comité masculine

the board of directors
le conseil d'administration

the chairman of the board
le président du conseil

members of the school board
des membres du comité de gestion de l'école
on board
on a train, airplane, etc.
à bord

250 passengers on board
250 passagers à bord
take on board
to fully consider
prendre en compte

to take your suggestions on board
prendre en compte votre suggestion
; see also room and board


verbboard /bɔrd, boʊrd/
transitive to get on a boat, airplane, etc.
monter à bord

Passengers boarded the plane by the rear doors.
Les passagers sont montés à bord de l'avion par les portes arrière.
intransitive (of boat, airplane, etc.) to take passengers onto

The flight will be boarding at 6.30 a.m.
L'embarquement sur ce vol est à 6h30 du matin.

board over/up

verb phrasal board over/up /ˈbɔrd ˈoʊver/ˈʌp, ˈboʊrd/
to cover with boards
couvrir avec des planches

Store windows had been boarded up.
Les vitrines de magasin ont été barricadées avec des planches.

(Übersetzung von “board” aus dem GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


noun /boːd/

a strip of timber

The floorboards of the old house were rotten.

a flat piece of wood etc for a special purpose



pension (complète)
board and lodging.

an official group of persons administering an organization etc

the board of directors.
boarder noun

a person who temporarily lives, and takes his meals, in someone else’s house.

boarding-house noun

a house where people live and take meals as paying guests.

boarding-school noun

a school which provides accommodation and food as well as instruction.

across the board adjective (etc)

applying in all cases

They were awarded wage increases across the board
an across-the-board increase.
go by the board

to be abandoned

tomber à l’eau
All my plans went by the board when I lost my job.



to live temporarily and take meals (in someone else’s house)

être en pension chez
He boards at Mrs Smith’s during the week.

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