Übersetzung von “body” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounbody /ˈbɒdi/ ( plural bodies )
countable the physical part of a person or animal
corps masculine

the human body
le corps humain
countable =corpse; a dead person
corps masculine , cadavre masculine

Police have discovered a body.
Les policiers ont découvert un corps.
countable officials responsible for sth
corps masculine , conseil masculine , comité masculine

the church's governing body
le conseil paroissial
countable the main part
corps masculine

the body of the presentation
le corps de la présentation

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noun /ˈbodi/ (plural bodies)

the whole frame of a human being or animal including the bones and flesh

Athletes have to look after their bodies.

a dead person

The battlefield was covered with bodies.
The body of a local woman has been found in the woods.

the main part of anything

corps, partie principale
the body of the hall.

a mass

The police have gathered a huge body of evidence against him.

a group of people acting as one

The Law Society is the professional body that represents lawyers in England and Wales.
bodily adjective

of the body

du corps, physique
bodily needs
bodily fluids.
bodyguard noun

a guard or guards to protect (especially an important person)

garde du corps
the president’s bodyguard.
body language noun

body movements, facial expressions etc that show what a person (really) feels or thinks.

langage corporel
bodywork noun

the outer casing of a car etc

The bodywork of his new car has rusted already.

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