Übersetzung von “bore” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive bore /bɔr, boʊr/
to make sb bored

I won't bore you with my vacation pictures.
Je ne vous ennuierai pas avec mes photos de vacances.

bore into

verb phrasal bore into [ ˈbɔr ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə, ˈboʊr ]
to dig a deep hole into
forer dans

as the tool bored into the rock
alors que l'outil forait dans la roche


nounbore /bɔr, boʊr/
countable a boring person
importun masculine , fam raseur masculine

an ignorant bore
un raseur inculte
singular a boring activity
intellectuel or physical: corvée feminine , rather intellectual: pensum masculine

Housework can be a real bore.
Le ménage peut être une véritable corvée.

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verb /boː/

to make (a hole etc in something)

faire un trou dans, forer
The engineers bored a tunnel under the sea.
borehole noun

a hole made by boring, especially to find oil etc.

trou de sonde


verb /boː/

to make (someone) feel tired and uninterested, by being dull etc

He bores everyone with stories about his travels.
boredom noun

the state of being bored.

boring adjective

a boring job
This book is boring.

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