Übersetzung von “bottle” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebottle /ˈbɒtl/
a container for liquids
bouteille feminine

a wine bottle
une bouteille à vin

a bottle of water/beer
une bouteille d'eau / de bière
the amount a bottle can hold
bouteille feminine

two bottles of water
deux bouteilles d'eau


adjectivebottled /ˈbɒtld/
sth put into bottles
en bouteille

bottled water/beer
eau/bière en bouteille


verb transitivebottle /ˈbɒtl/
to put liquid into a bottle
mettre en bouteille

bottle up

verb phrasal bottle up [ ˈbɒtl ˈʌp ]
to repress emotions
ravaler , refouler

keeping his grief bottled up inside
gardant sa peine refoulée

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noun /ˈbotl/

a hollow narrow-necked container for holding liquids etc

a lemonade bottle
a bottle of ginger beer.
bottleneck noun

a place where slowing down or stopping of traffic, progress etc occurs

a bottleneck caused by roadworks.
bottle up

to prevent (eg one’s feelings) from becoming obvious

Don’t bottle up your anger.

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