Übersetzung von “bounce” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbbounce /baʊns/
to spring or make spring off a surface

The ball bounced off the wall.
Le ballon a rebondi sur le mur.

She was bouncing the ball with one hand.
Elle faisait rebondir la balle d'une main.
to move or make move up and down
bondir , (faire) sauter

a boy bouncing on the bed
un garçon sautant sur le lit
to not be paid by a bank because there is no money in your account
être refusé/-ée , refuser

My check bounced.
Mon chèque a été refusé.
intransitive to be returned to you

The email I sent bounced.
L'e-mail que j'ai envoyé m'est revenu.

bounce back

verb phrasal bounce back [ ˈbaʊns ˈbæk ]
=recover; to be successful after a period of difficulty
se remettre , revenir (en force)

The Yankees bounced back after losing 5-3.
Les Yankees sont bien revenus après avoir perdu 5 à 3.

bouncing back after her divorce
se remettant rapidement de son divorce


noun countablebounce [ baʊns ]
the action of springing off a surface
(re)bond masculine

three bounces
trois (re)bonds

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verb /bauns/

to (cause to) spring or jump back from a solid surface.

(faire) rebondir
She was bouncing a ball against the wall
The children were bouncing up and down on a trampoline.

(of a cheque) to be sent back unpaid, because of lack of money in a bank account.

être refusé pour provisions insuffisantes
bouncing adjective

strong and lively

a bouncing baby.




There was a new bounce in his step.

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