Übersetzung von “bound” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivebound [ baʊnd ]
bound to
almost certain to
sûr/sûre de

a disaster that was bound to happen
une catastrophe qui devait arriver
obligated or forced to
tenu/-ue , obligé/-ée , contraint/-ainte

bound by tradition
contraint au nom de la tradition

morally bound to help
tenu moralement de prêter assistance
bound for
on the way to
à destination de

a flight bound for Europe
un vol à destination de l'Europe


verb intransitive bound /baʊnd/
to leap or run with large steps

bounding across the room
bondissant dans toute la pièce


noun countablebound /baʊnd/
=leap; a long jump
bond masculine , saut masculine
; see also bounds

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suffix /baund/

going in a particular direction

vers, à destination de
westbound traffic.
bound for

on the way to

en route pour
The ship was bound for SouthAfrica.
bound to

certain to

forcé de
He’s bound to notice your mistake.

obliged to

obligé de/à
I felt bound to mention it.
see also -bound under bind.


noun /baund/

(usually in plural) limits of some kind

His demands were beyond the bounds of reason.
boundless adjective

having no limit

The puppy seems to have boundless energy.
out of bounds

outside the permitted area or limits

interdit (à)
The cinema was out of bounds for the boys from the local boarding-school.


noun /baund/

a spring; a leap

He reached me in one bound.

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