Übersetzung von “bow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebow /boʊ/
a knot with loops
nœud masculine (à boucles)

to tie a bow
faire un nœud
an object used for playing the violin
archet masculine

He pulled the bow across the strings.
Il passa l'archet sur les cordes.
a weapon for shooting arrows
arc masculine

a bow and arrow
un arc et une flèche


verbbow /baʊ/
intransitive to bend forward to show respect or thanks

to bow to the audience
saluer le public
transitive to look down or to bend the head down

He bowed his head in shame.
De honte, il baissa la tête.

bow out

verb phrasal bow out [ ˈbaʊ ˈaʊt ]
to withdraw from an activity
tirer sa révérence

bowing out after 30 years' military service
tirant sa révérence après 30 années de service dans l'armée

bow to

verb phrasal bow to [ ˈbaʊ ˌtu, tə ]
to accept or yield to
s'incliner devant , céder à

to bow to public pressure
céder à la pression de l'opinion publique


noun countablebow /boʊ/
the act of bending forward
salut masculine

to take a bow
the front of a ship
proue feminine

a boy fishing from the bow
un garçon pêchant de la proue

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verb /bau/

to bend (the head and often also the upper part of the body) forwards in greeting a person etc

(s’)incliner devant
He bowed to the ladies

(with to) to accept

s’incliner devant
bowed adjective

(often with down) bent downwards, eg by the weight of something

ployé (sous)
The trees were bowed down with fruit.


noun /bəu/

a springy curved rod bent by a string, by which arrows are shot.

a bow and arrow.

a rod with horsehair stretched along it, by which the strings of a violin etc are sounded.


a looped knot of material

Her dress is decorated with bows.

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