Übersetzung von “bowl” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebowl /boʊl/
a round dish for food
bol masculine , larger: saladier masculine

a cereal/soup bowl
un bol de céréales/soupe

a bowl of rice
un bol de riz
an open-topped liquid container
cuvette feminine

a toilet bowl
une cuvette de toilettes

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noun /bəul/

a wooden ball rolled along the ground in playing bowls. See also bowlsbelow.

bowler noun

joueur/-euse de boules
bowling noun

(see also ninepins) the game of skittles, bowls or something similar.

jeu de boules, de quilles
bowls noun singular

a game played on a smooth green with bowls having a bias

a game of bowls.
bowling alley noun

a long narrow set of wooden boards along which one bowls at skittles.

salle de quilles

a building which contains several of these.

salle de quilles
bowling green noun

a smooth piece of grass for playing bowls on.

bowl over

to knock down

renverser, stupéfier
I was bowled over in the rush for the door



to deliver or send (a ball) towards the batsman in cricket.

lancer la balle à

to put (a batsman) out by hitting the wicket with the ball

mettre hors jeu
Smith was bowled for eighty-five (= Smith was put out after making eighty-five runs).


noun /bəul/

a round, deep dish eg for mixing or serving food etc

a baking bowl
a soup bowl.

a round hollow part, especially of a tobacco pipe, a spoon etc

fourneau, creux
The bowl of this spoon is dirty.

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