Übersetzung von “brain” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounbrain /breɪn/
countable the organ inside the head
cerveau masculine

a study of the human brain
une étude du cerveau humain

a brain tumor/scan
une tumeur / un scanner du cerveau

brain surgery
chirurgie du cerveau
plural intelligence
intelligence feminine

You need brains for this kind of work.
Il faut être intelligent pour ce genre de travail.
the brains behind sth
informal the person responsible for achieving sth
le cerveau derrière qqch

the brains behind this new invention
le cerveau à l'origine de cette nouvelle invention

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noun /brein/

the centre of the nervous system

(au/du) cerveau
an injury to the brain
(also adjective) brain surgery
brain damage.

(often in plural) cleverness

She’s got a good brain for figures
You’ve plenty of brains.

a clever person

He’s one of the best brains in the country.
brainless adjective


a brainless idiot.
brainy adjective


She’s a brainy child.
brainchild noun

a favourite theory, invention etc thought up by a particular person

idée personnelle
This entire process is Dr Morrison’s brainchild.
brain drain

the loss of experts to another country (usually in search of better salaries etc)

exode des cerveaux
As a result of the brain drain, Britain does not have enough doctors.
brainwash verb

to force (a person) to confess etc by putting great (psychological) pressure on him

faire un lavage de cerveau à
brainwashing noun

lavage de cerveau
brainwave noun

a sudden bright idea.

idée géniale
I’ve just had a brainwave.

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