Die Übersetzung von "broad" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /broːd/

wide; great in size from side to side

a broad street.

from side to side

de large
The wooden table was two metres broad.

general; not detailed

We discussed the plans in broad outline.
broaden verb

to make or become broad or broader.

This is an opportunity for him to broaden his experience.
broadly adverb


en gros
Broadly speaking, I’d say your chances are poor.
broad daylight

full daylight

The robbery took place in broad daylight.
broad-minded adjective

ready to allow others to think or act as they choose without criticizing them

large d’esprit
a broad-minded headmaster.
broadside on


par le travers
The ships collided broadside on.

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