Übersetzung von “brother” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebrother /ˈbrʌðərˈbrʌðˈɜr/
a male sibling
frère masculine

my brother's girlfriend
la petite amie de mon frère

two younger brothers
deux frères plus jeunes
a Catholic monk or priest
Frère masculine

Brother Dominic
Frère Dominique
a man who shares similar important experiences with you
frère masculine

our brothers and sisters struggling against injustice
nos frères et sœurs combattant l'injustice
; see also sister

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noun /ˈbraðə/

the title given to a male child to describe his relationship to the other children of his parents

I have two older brothers.

a fellow member of any group (also adjective)

brother officers.

(plural also brethren /ˈbreθrən/) a member of a religious group

The brothers of the order prayed together
The brethren met daily.
brotherhood noun

the state of being a brother

the ties of brotherhood.

an association of men for a certain purpose.

confrérie, société
brother-in-law noun (plural brothers-in-law)

the brother of one’s husband or wife.


the husband of one’s sister.


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