Übersetzung von “bug” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounbug /bʌg/
countable an insect
insecte masculine

afraid of bugs
qui a peur des insectes
countable informal an illness
mal masculine

to pick up a stomach bug
avoir des problèmes intestinaux
countable a computer or mechanical fault
virus masculine

a bug in the system
un virus dans le système
countable a listening device for spying
micro masculine

a bug in the room
un micro dans la pièce
singular enthusiasm for sth
virus masculine

I've got the travel bug.
J'ai le virus du voyage.


verb transitivebug /bʌg/ ( bugging, bugged)
informal to annoy sb
ennuyer , informal embêter

Stop bugging me.
Arrête de m'embêter.
to spy on sb with a listening device
mettre sur écoute

He was certain he was being bugged.
Il était certain d'être sur écoute.

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noun /baɡ/

an insect

There’s a bug crawling up your arm.

an insect that lives in dirty houses and beds

a bedbug.

a germ or infection

a stomach bug.

a small hidden microphone.

micro caché


verb (past tense, past participle bugged)

to annoy

What’s bugging him?

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