Übersetzung von “bump” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebump /bʌmp/
a lump or swelling
renflement masculine

lots of little bumps on his skin
des tas de petits renflements sur sa peau
a hit to sth
choc masculine

a bump on the head
un choc à la tête
the sound of a sth hitting sth else
bruit masculine

It fell with a loud bump.
Il est tombé dans un bruit sourd.


verbbump /bʌmp/
transitive-intransitive to hit
(se) cogner

to bump your head
se cogner la tête

a bruise from bumping into the table
un bleu après s'être cogné contre la table

bump into

verb phrasal bump into [ ˈbʌmp ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə ]
to meet by chance
tomber sur

to bump into an old friend
tomber sur un vieil ami

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verb /bamp/

to knock or strike (something)

(se) cogner (contre/dans)
She bumped into me
I bumped my head against the ceiling.
bumper noun

a bar on a motor vehicle to lessen damage when it collides with anything.

bumpy adjective


a bumpy road.
bump into

to meet (someone) by accident

tomber sur
I bumped into him in the street.
bump off

(slang) to murder someone.

A mafia boss had him bumped off.



a swelling or raised part

a bump on the head
This road is full of bumps.

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