Übersetzung von “busy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivebusy /ˈbɪzi/ ( busier, busiest)
having a lot to do

too busy to go to the party
trop occupé pour aller à la soirée

busy talking/working/cleaning
occupé à parler/travailler/nettoyer
keep sb busy
occuper qqn

Four kids will keep you busy!
Quatre enfants, ça devrait t'occuper !
full of people and activity
plein/pleine d'animation

a busy store/airport
un magasin/aéroport plein d'animation
=engaged; (of telephone line) unavailable

The line is busy.
La ligne est occupée.


verb transitivebusy [ ˈbɪzi ] ( busies, busied)
busy yourself
to find activities to keep busy
(trouver à) s'occuper

He busied himself with projects at home.
Il a trouvé à s'occuper avec des projets à domicile.

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adjective /ˈbizi/

having a lot (of work etc) to do

Looking after two small children keeps me very busy.

full of traffic, people, activity etc

The roads are busy
Christmas is a busy time of year for many businesses.

(especially American) (of a telephone line) engaged

All the lines to New York are busy.
busily adverb


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