Übersetzung von “butt” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablebutt /bʌt/
the end of a smoked cigarette
mégot masculine

***a cigarette butt
un mégot de cigarette
the end of a gun handle
crosse feminine

***the butt of the gun
la crosse du fusil
informal sb's bottom
informal cul masculine

***He fell on his butt.
Il est tombé sur le cul.
the butt of
the main target
la cible / l'objet masculine de

He's the butt of everyone's jokes.
Il est la cible / l'objet des plaisanteries de tout le monde.


verb transitivebutt [ bʌt ]
to hit with the head
donner un coup de tête

The goats butted each other.
Les boucs se sont donné des coups de cornes.

butt in

verb phrasalbutt in [ ˈbʌt ˈɪn ] informal
to interrupt
informal mettre son grain de sel

Sorry, I shouldn't have butted in.
Désolé, je n'aurais pas dû mettre mon grain de sel.

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verb /bat/

to strike (someone or something) with the head

donner un coup de tête à/dans
He fell over when the goat butted him.
butt in

to interrupt or interfere

Don’t butt in while I’m speaking!


noun /bat/

(slang) a person’s bottom

Come on, get off your butt – we have work to do.

someone whom others criticize or tell jokes about

She’s the butt of all his jokes.


the end of a finished cigar, cigarette etc

His cigarette butt was the cause of the fire.

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