Die Übersetzung von "by" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


preposition /bai/

next to; near; at the side of

(au)près de
She was standing by the door
He sat by his sister.


(en passant) devant
We drove by her house.

through; along; across

We came by the main road.

used (in the passive voice) to show the person or thing which performs an action

The car windscreen was struck by a stone.


par, en
He’s going to contact us by letter
We decided to travel by train.

from; through the means of

I met her by chance
She sent the parcel by post.

(of time) not later than

(…) au plus tard
We need to leave by 6 o’clock.

during the time of.


to the extent of

He is taller by ten centimetres.

used to give measurements etc

The room measures 4 metres by 2 metres.

in quantities of

au/à la/aux
Fruit is sold by the kilo.

in respect of

Lisa is a teacher by profession.
bygones: let bygones be bygones

to forgive and forget past causes of ill-feeling.

il faut oublier le passé
bypass noun

a road which avoids an obstruction or a busy area

Take the bypass round the city.
by-product noun

something obtained or formed during the making of something else

Coal tar is a by-product of the process of obtaining gas from coal.
bystander noun

a person who watches but does not take part.

by and by

after a short time

(un peu) plus tard
By and by, everyone went home.
by and large

mostly; all things considered

à tout prendre
Things are going quite well, by and large.
by oneself


tout(e) seul(e)
He was standing by himself at the bus-stop.

without anyone else’s help

tout(e) seul(e)
He did the job (all) by himself.
by the way


à propos
By the way, do you have a moment to spare?
by is used for forms of transport: by train ; by aeroplane ; by land ; by sea

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