Übersetzung von “cable” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncable /ˈkeɪbəl/
uncountable a television or Internet service delivered through wires
câble masculine

Do you have cable or satellite?
Avez-vous le câble ou le satellite ?

cable TV
la télévision par câble
countable-uncountable covered wires for carrying electricity or other signals
câble masculine

cables running under the floor
des câbles passant sous le plancher

a television cable
un câble de télévision
countable-uncountable a metal rope used in construction
câble masculine

steel cables
des câbles d'acier

100 yards of cable
91 mètres de câble

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noun /ˈkeibl/

(a) strong rope or chain for hauling or tying anything, especially a ship.


(a set of) wires for carrying electric current or signals

They are laying (a) new cable.

(a rope made of) strands of metal wound together for supporting a bridge etc.


(also cablegram) a telegram sent by cable.


cable television.

(télévision par) câble
cable-car noun

a vehicle that moves up and down a mountain, cliff etc by means of a cable.

cable television noun ( cable TV)

a system of broadcasting television programmes by cable.

télévision par câble

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