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verbcall /kɔl/
transitive-intransitive to contact using a telephone

I'll call you tomorrow.
Je t'appellerai demain.

Don't forget to call!
N'oublie pas d'appeler !

For help please call the number below.
Pour recevoir de l'aide, veuillez appeler le numéro ci-dessous.

to call an ambulance/a taxi
appeler une ambulance / un taxi
transitive to describe sth in a particular way
appeler , qualifier de

They called the results "pitiful."
Ils ont qualifié ces résultats de "pitoyables".

I wouldn't really call 70 degrees hot.
20 degrés, ce n'est pas ce que j'appellerais chaud.
transitive to order sb to come
appeler , faire venir

They called her into the office.
Ils l'ont fait venir dans le bureau.

officers called to testify in the Senate
des officiers appelés à témoigner au Sénat
transitive to give sb or sth a name

My name is Katherine, but you can call me Kate.
Mon nom est Katherine mais vous pouvez m'appeler Kate.

What do you call that stuff on the ceiling?
Comment appelles-tu ce truc au plafond ?
transitive to arrange or organize

to call a meeting/strike
organiser une réunion/grève
transitive-intransitive =shout; to say or speak loudly
appeler , crier

Raise your hand when I call out your name.
Levez la main quand j'appelle votre nom.

He heard his mother calling.
Il a entendu sa mère l'appeler.
call it a day
to decide to stop an activity
ça suffit

We've been working hard - let's call it a day.
Nous avons travaillé dur, ça suffit.
call sb names
to use unkind words to describe sb

The other kids teased her and called her names.
Les autres enfants l'ont taquinée et insultée.

call back

verb phrasal call back [ ˈkɔl ˈbæk ]
to use a telephone to talk to sb again or to talk to sb who called you before

Call me back when you have a chance.
Rappelle-moi quand tu peux.

I'll call back later.
Je rappellerai plus tard.

call for

verb phrasal call for [ ˈkɔl ˌfɔr, fər ]
to ask publicly that sth be done

They are calling for changes in the law.
Ils réclament la modification de la loi.
to require a particular type of treatment or skill
exiger , demander , nécessiter

a situation that calls for diplomacy
une situation qui nécessite de la diplomatie
to say that a type of weather is probable
prévoir , annoncer

a forecast calling for humidity and heat
une météo annonçant humidité et chaleur

call in

verb phrasal call in [ ˈkɔl ˈɪn ]
to officially ask sb to help
faire appel à

They called in the FBI after the shooting.
Ils ont fait appel au FBI après la fusillade.
to phone the place where you work

Jay called in to say he'd be late.
Jay a appelé pour dire qu'il serait en retard.
to phone a TV or radio station to speak on the air

listeners calling in to comment
des auditeurs appelant pour faire des commentaires

call off

verb phrasal call off [ ˈkɔl ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
=cancel; to decide sth should not happen

to call off the parade
annuler la parade

to call the parade off
annuler la parade

call on

verb phrasal call on [ ˈkɔl ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to officially ask sb to do sth

The governor called on lawmakers to act quickly.
Le gouverneur a demandé aux législateurs d'agir rapidement.

call out

verb phrasal call out [ ˈkɔl ˈaʊt ]
=shout; to say loudly

"Hey - over here!" he called out.
"Hé, viens ici !" s'exclama-t-il.
to officially ask sb to help
faire appel à

to call out the national guard
faire appel à la garde nationale

call up

verb phrasal call up [ ˈkɔl ˈʌp ]
to use the telephone to contact sb

Let's call Dan up and ask him.
Appelons Dan et demandons-lui.

She called up her sister.
Elle a appelé sa sœur.

call upon

verb phrasal call upon [ ˈkɔl əˌpɒn, əˌpɔn ]
to call on
rendre visite à


noun countable call /kɔl/
( phone call,) an instance of using the telephone to talk to sb
appel masculine , coup masculine de téléphone , informal coup masculine de fil

I just have to make a phone call.
Je dois juste passer un coup de téléphone.

a quick call to the office
un appel rapide au bureau

Give us a call tonight.
Appelez-nous ce soir.

We haven't returned her call yet.
Nous ne l'avons pas encore rappelée.

a local/long-distance call
un appel local / longue distance
a public demand that sth happen
demande feminine

calls for his resignation
des appels à sa démission
a sound of an animal or bird
cri masculine

the blue jay's screeching call
le cri strident du geai bleu
=cry; a loud shout
appel masculine

calls for help
des appels à l'aide
no call for sth/no call to do sth
Brit spoken indicates you think sth is not appropriate
pas de / aucune raison pour qqch / de faire qqch

There's no call for yelling like that.
Il n'y a aucune raison de hurler comme ça
on call
required to go to work if you are called
de service

There are two doctors on call tonight.
Il y a deux médecins de service cette nuit.

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verb /koːl/

to give a name to

My name is Alexander but I’m called Sandy by my friends

to regard (something) as

I saw you turn that card over – I call that cheating.

to speak loudly (to someone) to attract attention etc

Call everyone over here
She called louder so as to get his attention.

to summon; to ask (someone) to come (by letter, telephone etc)

They called him for an interview for the job
He called a doctor.

to make a visit

I shall call at your house this evening
You were out when I called.

to telephone

téléphoner à
I’ll call you at 6 p.m.

(in card games) to bid.

annoncer, demander
caller noun

calling noun

a trade or profession

Teaching is a worthwhile calling.
call-box noun

a public telephone box.

cabine téléphonique
call for

to demand or require

This calls for quick action.

to collect

passer prendre
I’ll call for you at eight o’clock.
call off

to cancel

The party’s been called off.
call on

to visit

aller voir
I’ll call on him tomorrow.

to ask someone to speak at a meeting etc.

donner la parole à

to ask someone publicly to something

We call on both sides to stop the fighting.
call up

to telephone (someone)

téléphoner à
He called me up from the airport.
give (someone) a call

to telephone (someone)

téléphoner à
I’ll give you a call tomorrow.
on call

keeping (oneself) ready to come out to an emergency

de garde
Which of the doctors is on call tonight?



the song of a bird

the call of a blackbird.

a (usually short) visit

The teacher made a call on the boy’s parents.

the act of calling on the telephone

coup de fil
I’ve just had a call from the police.

(usually with the) attraction

the call of the sea.

a demand

There’s less call for coachmen nowadays.

a need or reason

besoin, raison
You’ve no call to say such things!

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