Übersetzung von “camp” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun camp /kæmp/
countable-uncountable a place where young people go to do activities during the vacation
colonie feminine/centre masculine de vacances

She's going to camp this summer.
Elle part en colonie de vacances cet été.

a sports/music camp
un centre de vacances sportif/musical
countable a government operated place where people live temporarily because of war, disaster, etc.
camp masculine

a refugee/prison camp
un camp de réfugiés/prisonniers
countable a group of people who support a particular idea or person
camp masculine , parti masculine

people in the Clinton camp
des personnes du camp Clinton
set up camp/make camp
to put up tents in order to stay overnight
monter son camp

They set up camp in a clearing.
Ils ont monté leur camp dans une clairière.


verb intransitivecamp /kæmp/
to live in a tent for a period

They're camping in the mountains.
Ils campent dans les montagnes.
; see also camper, campsite

camp out

verb phrasal camp out [ ˈkæmp ˈaʊt ]
to live outside in tents for a period

We camped out by the lake.
Nous avons campé près du lac.
to sit outside a place and wait

Fans camped out by the theater doors.
Des admirateurs ont campé aux portes du théâtre.

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noun /kӕmp/

a piece of ground with tents pitched on it.


a collection of buildings, huts or tents in which people stay temporarily for a certain purpose

a holiday camp.

a military station, barracks etc.


a party or side

They belong to different political camps.
camper noun

a person who goes camping.


(especially American) a motor-caravan.

camping noun

camp bed (American cot)

a light folding bed (not only for camping)

lit de camp
The visitor will have to sleep on a camp bed.
camp-fire noun

the fire on which campers cook, and round which they sit in the evening etc.

feu de camp
campsite noun

a piece of land on which tents may be pitched.

terrain de camping

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