Übersetzung von “card” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncard /kɑrd/
countable a piece of thick paper with an envelope for sending messages
carte feminine

a birthday/wedding card
une carte d'anniversaire / un carton de mariage
; see also postcard
countable a piece of plastic for paying or getting money
carte feminine

a credit/bank card
une carte de crédit / bancaire
countable a small piece of paper or plastic showing information
carte feminine , fiche feminine

a student ID/identification card
une carte d'étudiant/identité/identification

He gave me his business card.
Il m'a donné sa carte professionnelle.

an appointment/recipe card
une fiche de rendez-vous/cuisine
countable ( playing card,) one of 52 pieces of stiff paper for playing games
carte feminine (à jouer)

a deck/pack of cards
un jeu de cartes
uncountable Brit cardboard
carton masculine

an animal made of coloured card
un animal en carton coloré


verb transitive card [ kɑrd ]
to ask sb to show identification
contrôler l'identité de

to card young people who buy alcohol
contrôler l'identité des jeunes gens qui achètent de l'alcool

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noun /kaːd/

thick paper or thin board

shapes cut out from card.

(also playing card) a small piece of such paper etc with designs, used in playing certain games

a pack of cards.

a similar object used for eg sending greetings, showing membership of an organization, storing information etc

carte (de)
a birthday card
a membership card
a business card.
cards noun singular

the game(s) played with playing-cards

He cheats at cards.
cardboard noun, adjective

(of) a stiff kind of paper often made up of several layers

a cardboard box.

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