Übersetzung von “cartoon” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable cartoon /kɑrˈtun/
an animated film
dessin masculine animé

Tom and Jerry cartoons
des dessins animés de Tom et Jerry
a picture with a funny caption in a newspaper, magazine, etc.
dessin masculine (humoristique)

political cartoons in the newspaper
les caricatures politiques du journal


noun countable cartoonist /kærˈtunɪst/
sb who draws cartoons
caricaturiste masculine-feminine , dessinateur/-trice humoristique / de dessins animés masculine-feminine

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noun /kaːˈtuːn/

a drawing making fun of someone or something

dessin humoristique
a cartoon of the Prime Minister in the newspaper.

a film consisting of a series of drawings in which the people and animals give the impression of movement

dessin animé
a Walt Disney cartoon.
cartoonist noun

a person who draws cartoons.


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