Die Übersetzung von "catch" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /kӕtʃ/ (past tense past participle caught /koːt/)

to stop and hold (something which is moving); to capture

He caught the cricket ball
The cat caught a mouse
Did you catch any fish?
I tried to catch his attention.

to be in time for, or get on (a train, bus etc)

arriver à temps pour (prendre)
I’ll have to catch the 9.45 (train) to London.

to surprise (someone) in the act of

I caught him stealing (my vegetables).

to become infected with (a disease or illness)

He caught flu.

to (cause to) become accidentally attached or held

(se) prendre
The child caught her fingers in the car door.

to hit

flanquer un coup
The punch caught him on the chin.

to manage to hear

Did you catch what she said?

to start burning

prendre (feu)
I dropped a match on the pile of wood and it caught (fire) immediately.
catching adjective


Is chicken-pox catching?
catchy adjective

(of a tune) attractive and easily remembered.

facile à retenir
catch-phrase nouns ( catch-word)

a phrase or word in popular use for a time.

rengaine, slogan accrocheur
catch someone’s eye

to attract someone’s attention

attirer l’attention de
The advertisement caught my eye
I couldn’t catch the waiter’s eye and so we were last to be served.
catch on

to become popular

The fashion caught on.

to understand

He’s a bit slow to catch on.
catch out

to put out (a batsman) at cricket by catching the ball after it has been hit and before it touches the ground.

mettre hors jeu à balle attrapée

to cause (someone) to fail by means of a trick, a difficult question etc

prendre au dépourvu
The last question in the exam caught them all out.
catch up

to come level (with)

We caught him up at the corner
Ask the taxi-driver if he can catch up with that lorry
We waited for him to catch up
She had a lot of schoolwork to catch up on after her illness.

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