Übersetzung von “caution” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountable caution /ˈkɔʃən/
attention you give to avoiding risks
prudence feminine , circonspection feminine

Use caution when operating this equipment.
Usez de prudence quand vous faites fonctionner cet appareil.

Approach the animal with great caution.
Approchez-vous de cet animal avec une grande prudence.
a word/note of caution
indicates you are warning sb
un conseil

A word of caution: do not walk alone at night.
Un conseil, ne vous promenez pas seul le soir.


verb transitive caution /ˈkɔʃən/
=warn; to tell sb to be careful
avertir , mettre en garde

"He can get angry," she cautioned.
"il peut se mettre en colère." avertit-elle.

She cautioned her granddaughter against lying.
Elle déconseilla à sa petite-fille de mentir.

to caution that the weather could be extreme
avertir que la météo pouvait être extrême

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noun /ˈkoːʃən/

carefulness (because of possible danger etc)

Exercise caution when crossing this road.

in law, a warning

The policeman gave him a caution for speeding.
cautionary adjective

cautious adjective

having or showing caution; careful

She used to trust everyone but she’s more cautious now
a cautious driver.
cautiously adverb


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