Übersetzung von “cave” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable cave /keɪv/
a deep hole in a large area of rock
caverne feminine , grotte feminine


verb phrasal cave: cave in /keɪv/
=collapse (of structure) to fall down

when the roof caved in
quand le toit s'est effondré

mine walls caving in on people below
des parois de mine s'effondrant sur les gens en-dessous
=yield to agree to demands after being pressured

Management finally caved in to the union's demands.
La direction a fini par céder aux exigences des syndicats.

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noun /keiv/

a large natural hollow in rock or in the earth

The children explored the caves.
caveman /-mӕn/ noun

in prehistoric times, a person who lived in a cave

homme des cavernes
Cavemen dressed in the skins of animals.
cave in

(of walls etc) to collapse.


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