Übersetzung von “cell” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablecell /sɛl/
a room in a jail
cellule feminine

prisoners in their cells
des prisonniers dans leurs cellules
the basic unit of living material that can exist alone
cellule feminine

blood cells
cellules sanguines

cancerous cells
cellules cancéreuses
informal a cellphone
téléphone masculine cellulaire/mobile/portable

Call me on my cell.
Appelle-moi sur mon téléphone portable.
a small group within a larger organization
cellule feminine

a local terrorist cell
une cellule terroriste locale

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noun /sel/

a small room (especially in a prison or monastery).


a very small piece of the substance of which all living things are made; the smallest unit of living matter

The human body is made up of cells.

(the part containing the electrodes in) an electrical battery.

élément (de pile)

one of many small compartments making up a structure

the cells of a honeycomb.
cellular /ˈseljulə/ adjective

consisting of cells

cellular tissue.

containing tiny hollow spaces

Foam rubber is a cellular substance.
cellphone noun

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