Übersetzung von “chance” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounchance /tʃæns, tʃɑns/
the opportunity to do sth
occasion feminine

a chance for them to talk
une occasion pour eux de parler

I go to the movies whenever I get the chance.
Je vais au cinéma chaque fois que j'en ai l'occasion.

Did you have a chance to read my email?
As-tu eu l'occasion de lire mon mail ?

Give him a chance to prove it.
Donnez-lui l'occasion de le prouver.

your last chance to buy one
votre dernière occasion d'en acheter un
countable-uncountable =likelihood; the possibility sth could happen
chance feminine , possibilité feminine

There's a chance she'll win.
Il y a une chance qu'elle gagne.

Any chance you could help out?
Y a-t-il un espoir que tu puisses donner un coup de main ?

There's a chance that it'll stop raining later.
Il y a des chances pour qu'il arrête de pleuvoir plus tard.
there's a good chance
sth is fairly likely
il est (assez) probable (que)
there's a slim chance
sth is not very likely but possible
il y a peu de chances que
not stand a chance
to not be at all likely
ne pas avoir la moindre chance que

She doesn't stand a chance of persuading him.
Elle n'a pas la moindre chance de le convaincre.
uncountable a situation affected by luck or destiny
hasard masculine

It was pure chance that we met.
C'est tout à fait par hasard que nous nous sommes rencontrés.
by chance
par hasard

Scientists discovered it by chance.
Des scientifiques l'ont découvert par hasard.
by any chance
spoken used to ask politely if sth is possible or correct
par hasard

Do you have a spare pen by any chance?
Auriez-vous un autre stylo par hasard ?
(the) chances are
spoken indicates you think sth is likely
il y a des chances

Chances are he won't come.
Il y a des chances qu'il ne vienne pas.
take a chance/take chances
to do sth despite the risk
prendre le risque (de)

He persuaded the company to take a chance on him.
Il a convaincu l'entreprise de lui laisser une chance.


verb transitive chance [ tʃæns, tʃɑns ]
to risk doing
(se) risquer , prendre le risque

I don't think we should chance driving in the storm.
Je ne pense pas que nous devrions prendre le risque de / nous risquer à conduire dans la tempête.


adjectivechance [ tʃæns, tʃɑns ]
only before n: =accidental; ≠planned; not planned
accidentel/-elle , fortuit/-uite

a chance meeting
une rencontre fortuite

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noun /tʃaːns/

luck or fortune

It was by chance that I found out the truth.

an opportunity

Now you have a chance to do well.

a possibility

He has no chance of winning.

(a) risk

There’s an element of chance in this business deal.
chancy adjective

risky or uncertain

a chancy arrangement.
chance on/upon

to meet by accident

rencontrer par hasard
I chanced on a friend of yours.

to discover by accident

tomber sur
I chanced upon some information.
by any chance

used in enquiring about the possibility of something

par hasard
Are you by any chance free tonight?
by chance

by luck; without planning

par (un heureux) hasard
They met by chance.
an even chance

equal probability for and against

une chance sur deux
We have an even chance of success.
the chances are

it is likely (that)

il est (très) probable que
The chances are he can’t come tomorrow.



to happen accidentally or unexpectedly

se produire par hasard
I chanced to see him last week.

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