Die Übersetzung von "change" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /tʃeindʒ/

to make or become different

They have changed the time of the train
He has changed since I saw him last.

to give or leave (one thing etc for another)

She changed my library books for me.

(sometimes with into) to remove (clothes etc) and replace them by clean or different ones

(se) changer, mettre
I’m just going to change (my shirt)
I’ll change into an old pair of trousers.

(with into) to make into or become (something different)

(se) changer (en)
The prince was changed into a frog.

to give or receive (one kind of money for another)

Could you change this bank-note for cash?
changeable adjective

changing often; liable to change often

changeable moods.
change hands

to pass into different ownership

changer de main
This car has changed hands three times.
a change of heart

a change in attitude.

changement d’avis
change one’s mind

to alter one’s intention or opinion (about something)

changer d’avis
He was going to go to France but he changed his mind.
for a change

to be different; for variety

pour changer
We’re tired of the car, so we’ll walk for a change.

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