Übersetzung von “channel” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablechannel /ˈtʃænl/
a TV station
chaîne feminine

the shopping channel
la chaîne de télé-achat
change channels
to move from one channel to another
changer de chaîne
a means of sending information or goods
canal masculine , voie feminine

maintaining channels of communication
en maintenant des voies de communication

managing distribution channels
dirigeant les canaux de distribution
a narrow ditch for water flow
rigole feminine

a shallow channel next to the road
une rigole peu profonde à côté de la route

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noun /ˈtʃӕnl/

the bed of a stream or other way through which liquid can flow

a sewage channel.

a passage of deeper water in a river, through which ships can sail.


a narrow stretch of water joining two seas

the English Channel.

a means of sending or receiving information etc

We got the information through the usual channels.

(in television, radio etc) a band of frequencies for sending or receiving signals

BBC Television now has two channels.


verb (past tense, past participle channelled, American channeled)

to direct into a particular course

He channelled all his energies into the project.

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