Übersetzung von “charge” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncharge /tʃɑrdʒ/
countable-uncountable the amount of money asked for sth
prix masculine

a charge of $30 per person
un prix de 30 $ par personne

There'll be no charge for the wine.
Le vin est gratuit.
free of charge
costing nothing

tickets that were free of charge
des billets qui étaient gratuits
countable-uncountable an official statement accusing sb of a crime
inculpation feminine

a charge of murder/robbery
une inculpation de meurtre/vol

A man was released without charge.
Un homme a été relâché sans être inculpé.
bring/press charges
to accuse sb of a crime
engager des poursuites

The victim decided not to press charges.
La victime a décidé de ne pas engager de poursuites.
countable a statement that sb has done sth bad
accusation feminine

charges of discrimination
accusations de discrimination
countable ≠retreat; an attack of people or animals running forward
charge feminine

the charge of the infantry
la charge de l'infanterie
countable-uncountable the electrical energy in sth
charge feminine

a positive/negative charge
une charge positive/négative
in charge
responsible for or in control of sth or sb

Who's in charge of this project?
Qui est responsable du projet ?
take charge
to begin to control sth
prendre la direction de

He's taking charge of the division.
Il prend la direction de la division.

to take charge of the situation
prendre la situation en main


verbcharge /tʃɑrdʒ/
transitive-intransitive to ask sb to pay an amount of money for sth
faire payer , facturer

How much do they charge?
Combien facturent-ils ?

Cab drivers charge more after midnight.
Les chauffeurs de taxi font payer plus cher après minuit.

to charge people $10 for each visit
faire payer les gens 10 $ pour chaque visite
charge sth to sb
faire payer /facturer qqch à qqn

I charged the dinner to my company credit card.
J'ai payé le dîner avec la carte de crédit de la société.
transitive to accuse sb of a crime

a woman charged with murder/assault
une femme accusée de meurtre / d'agression
transitive-intransitive to put electrical energy into a device
(se) charger

My cellphone is charging.
Mon téléphone portable est en train de se charger.

to charge the batteries
charger les batteries
transitive-intransitive ≠retreat; to attack by running toward

The bull charged.
Le taureau a chargé.

to charge the door
foncer dans la porte
intransitive to rush around without being careful
se précipiter

kids charging around the house
des enfants se précipitant à travers la maison

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verb /tʃaːdʒ/

to ask as the price (for something)

faire payer
They charge 50 cents for a pint of milk, but they don’t charge for delivery.

to make a note of (a sum of money) as being owed

mettre sur le compte de qqn
Charge the bill to my account.

(with with) to accuse (of something illegal)

He was charged with theft.

to attack by moving quickly (towards)

We charged (towards) the enemy on horseback.

to rush

The children charged down the hill.

to make or become filled with electricity

Please charge my car battery.

to make (a person) responsible for (a task etc)

He was charged with seeing that everything went well.
charger noun

formerly, a horse used in battle.

cheval de bataille
in charge of

responsible for

responsable de
I’m in charge of thirty men.
in someone’s charge

in the care of someone

à la garde de
You can leave the children in his charge.
take charge

(with of) to begin to control, organize etc

prendre la direction
The department was in chaos until he took charge (of it).

(with of) to take into one’s care

se charger de
The policeman took charge of the gun.



something with which a person is accused

He faces three charges of murder.

an attack made by moving quickly

the charge of the Light Brigade.

the electricity in something

a positive or negative charge.

someone one takes care of

personne à charge
These children are my charges.

a quantity of gunpowder

Put the charge in place and light the fuse.

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