Übersetzung von “cheat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcheat /tʃit/
transitive-intransitive to behave dishonestly to gain sth
frauder , tricher

to cheat on an exam
frauder/tricher à un examen

to cheat at chess
tricher aux échecs
cheat sb out of sth

cheating the government out of taxes
escroquer les impôts
intransitive to do sth in a way that makes it cheaper or easier

I cheated and bought a cake instead of making one.
J'ai triché en achetant un gâteau plutôt que d'en faire un.

cheat on sb

verb phrasal cheat on sb [ ˈtʃit ˌɒn ˌsʌmbɒdi, ˌɔn ]
to be unfaithful to a husband, wife, or partner
tromper qqn

Her husband had been cheating on her.
Son mari l'a trompée.

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verb /tʃiːt/

to act dishonestly to gain an advantage

He cheats at cards
He was cheated (out of ten dollars).



a dishonest trick.


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