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verbcheck /tʃɛk/
transitive-intransitive to inspect the quality or condition
contrôler , vérifier

to check my inbox for emails
vérifier les emails dans ma boîte de réception

They checked her skin for red spots.
Ils ont examiné sa peau à la recherche de boutons rouges.
transitive-intransitive to find out whether sth is true, exists, is happening, etc.
vérifier , contrôler

Before crossing, check for cars.
Avant de traverser, vérifiez qu'il n'y a pas de voitures.

I'll check which room the meeting's in.
Je vais vérifier dans quelle salle se tient la réunion.

Check that the printer is connected.
Vérifiez que l'imprimante est connectée.

I'll check with Mom that it's OK .
Je vais vérifier avec Maman que c'est OK.
transitive to limit or stop sth in order to prevent sth bad from happening

an attempt to check his alcohol consumption
une tentative pour maîtriser sa consommation d'alcool
check yourself
to stop yourself from saying sth
se taire

I realized she was listening and checked myself.
Je me suis rendu compte qu'elle écoutait et je me suis tu.
transitive to write the mark (✓) next to sth

Check it off your list.
Cochez-le sur votre liste.

checked the appropriate boxes
cochez les cases appropriées
transitive to give suitcases to an airline employee to be put in the cargo area of a plane
(faire) enregistrer

a limit to the amount of baggage you can check
une limite au volume de bagages que l'on peut enregistrer

I'm just checking two bags.
Je n'enregistre que deux sacs.

check in

check in [ ˈtʃɛk ˈɪn ], Brit book in /ˈbʊk ˈɪn/ verb phrasal
to register for a flight at the airport
se présenter à l'enregistrement

Check in at least two hours before your flight.
Présentez-vous à l'enregistrement au moins deux heures avant votre vol.
to register your arrival at a hotel
se présenter à la réception

You may check in any time after 3 p.m.
Vous pouvez vous présenter à la réception à n'importe quelle heure après 3 heures de l'après-midi.

check into

verb phrasal check into [ ˈtʃɛk ˈɪntu, ˈɪntə ]
to find out more about sth
se renseigner sur

Check into the company before paying them any money.
Renseignez-vous sur l'entreprise avant de leur payer quelque argent que ce soit.

check off

verb phrasal check off /ˈtʃɛk ˈɔf, ˈɒf/
to indicate you have done sth on a list

I finished it, and checked it off the list.
Je l'ai terminé et l'ai rayé de la liste.

check out

verb phrasal check out [ ˈtʃɛk ˈaʊt ]
informal to look at sth closely to find out more
informal jeter un œil

Check out our new website.
Jetez un œil à notre nouveau site

That bar looks cool - let's check it out.
Ce bar a l'air cool, allons y jeter un œil.
check it/him/her/them out
spoken to look at it, him, etc.
regarde/-ez-le/la/les etc.

Check him out! He's cute.
Regarde-le ! Il est mignon.
to pay for and leave the hotel
régler/quitter l'hôtel

They checked out early this morning.
Ils sont partis tôt ce matin.

to check out of the room
régler la chambre

check over

verb phrasal check over [ ˈtʃɛk ˈoʊvər ]
to inspect the quality or condition
vérifier , contrôler

checking over her exam paper
contrôlant sa copie d'examen

He checked the car over for problems.
Il a contrôlé que la voiture n'avait pas de problèmes.

check up on

verb phrasal check up on [ ˈtʃɛk ˈʌp ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to watch carefully in case sth is wrong

parents checking up on their teenagers
des parents surveillant leurs ados


nouncheck /tʃɛk/
countable an inspection to test the quality or condition
contrôle masculine

a quick check of the area
un rapide contrôle du secteur

to do/make a check
faire un contrôle
countable a paper used to pay for sth, on which you write the payment amount and sign
chèque masculine

to pay by check
payer par chèque

a check for $300
un chèque de 300 $
countable =bill; a paper showing the amount owed in a restaurant
addition feminine

Could we have the check?
Est-ce qu'on peut avoir l'addition ?
countable-uncountable a pattern of different colored squares
carreaux masculine plural

a cloth with a red and green check
un tissu à carreaux rouges et verts
countable ( check mark,) a written mark (✓) indicating the thing next to it is correct or finished
coche feminine , croix feminine

Put a check mark next to the correct answer.
Mettez une croix à côté de la réponse correcte.
keep/hold in check
to control sth to prevent sth bad from happening
contrôler , maîtriser , surveiller

medication to keep her asthma in check
des médicaments pour contrôler son asthme

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verb /tʃek/

to see if something (eg a sum) is correct or accurate

Will you check my addition?

to see if something (eg a machine) is in good condition or working properly

Have you checked the engine (over)?

to hold back; to stop

We’ve checked the flow of water from the burst pipe.
checked adjective

having a pattern of check

à carreaux
She wore a checked skirt
Is the material checked or striped?
checkbook noun

(American) a chequebook.

carnet de chèques
check-in noun

the place where passengers show travel documents at an airport or seaport

the check-in desk
(American) the check-in counter.

the process of checking in at an airport etc.

checkmate noun

in chess, a position from which the king cannot escape.

échec et mat
checkout noun

a place where payment is made for goods bought in a supermarket.

caisse (de sortie)
checkpoint noun

a barrier where cars, passports etc are inspected, or a point that contestants in a race must pass.

check-up noun

a medical examination to discover the state of a person’s health

bilan de santé
my annual check-up.
check in

to register at a hotel as a guest or at an airport as a passenger

s’inscrire (à un hôtel)
We checked in last night.
check out

to leave (a hotel), paying one’s bill etc

régler la note
You must check out before 12 o’clock.

(especially American) to test

I’ll check out your story.
check up (on)

to investigate to see if (someone or something) is reliable, honest, true etc

se renseigner sur
Have you been checking up on me?



something which prevents or holds back

a check on imports.

in chess, a position in which the king is attacked

He put his opponent’s king in check.

a pattern of squares

I like the red check on that material.

a ticket received in return for handing in baggage etc.

bulletin de consigne

(especially American) a bill

The check please, waiter!

(American) a cheque.


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