Die Übersetzung von "check" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /tʃek/

to see if something (eg a sum) is correct or accurate

Will you check my addition?

to see if something (eg a machine) is in good condition or working properly

Have you checked the engine (over)?

to hold back; to stop

We’ve checked the flow of water from the burst pipe.
checked adjective

having a pattern of check

à carreaux
She wore a checked skirt
Is the material checked or striped?
checkbook noun

(American) a chequebook.

carnet de chèques
check-in noun

the place where passengers show travel documents at an airport or seaport

the check-in desk
(American) the check-in counter.

the process of checking in at an airport etc.

checkmate noun

in chess, a position from which the king cannot escape.

échec et mat
checkout noun

a place where payment is made for goods bought in a supermarket.

caisse (de sortie)
checkpoint noun

a barrier where cars, passports etc are inspected, or a point that contestants in a race must pass.

check-up noun

a medical examination to discover the state of a person’s health

bilan de santé
my annual check-up.
check in

to register at a hotel as a guest or at an airport as a passenger

s’inscrire (à un hôtel)
We checked in last night.
check out

to leave (a hotel), paying one’s bill etc

régler la note
You must check out before 12 o’clock.

(especially American) to test

I’ll check out your story.
check up (on)

to investigate to see if (someone or something) is reliable, honest, true etc

se renseigner sur
Have you been checking up on me?

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