Übersetzung von “child” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablechild /tʃaɪld/ ( plural children )
≠adult; a young human
enfant masculine-feminine

26 children in each class
26 enfants dans chaque classe

a child-friendly environment
un environnement adapté aux enfants
=offspring; a daughter or son
enfant masculine

I have three grown-up children.
J'ai trois grands enfants.
only child
a child with no brothers or sisters
enfant masculine-feminine unique

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noun /tʃaild/ (plural children /ˈtʃildrən/)

a young human being of either sex.


a son or daughter

Her youngest child is five years old.
childhood noun

the state or time of being a child

Her childhood was a time of happiness.
childish adjective

like a child; silly

enfantin, puéril
a childish remark.
childishly adverb

childishness noun

enfantillage, puérilité
childless adjective

having no children

sans enfants
the childless couple.
childlike adjective

innocent; like a child

pur, innocent
childlike faith
trustful and childlike.
childbirth noun

the act of giving birth to a child

She died in childbirth.
child’s play

something very easy

jeu d’enfant
Climbing that hill will be child’s play.

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