Übersetzung von “chip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablechip /tʃɪp/
a thin piece of crisp food
chip feminine

potato/corn chips
des chips de pomme de terre / de maïs
a small area where a piece of sth has broken off
éclat masculine

a tiny chip on the rim of the vase
un minuscule éclat sur le bord du vase
a small piece from sth that has been broken, cut, etc.
fragment masculine

wood chips
des copeaux de bois
a round piece of plastic used as money in gambling
jeton masculine

He'd lost all his chips.
Il a perdu tous ses jetons.
Brit plural french fries
frites feminine plural
a tiny electronic part used in computers
puce feminine

a silicon computer chip
un puce informatique
have a chip on your shoulder
informal to be very sensitive about a particular subject
être particulièrement susceptible

He had a chip on his shoulder about his lack of education.
Il n'avait jamais digéré son manque d'instruction.


verb transitive-intransitivechip /tʃɪp/ ( chipping, chipped )
to break a small piece from, or have a small piece broken from
casser un morceau , ébrécher

I chipped my tooth.
Je me suis ébréché la dent.

My tooth chipped.
Ma dent s'est ébréchée.

chip away at

verb phrasal chip away at /ˈtʃɪp əˈweɪ ˌæt, ət/
to slowly and steadily reduce
réduire petit à petit

a team chipping away at their rival's lead
une équipe réduisant petit à petit l'avantage de son adversaire

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verb /tʃip/ (past tense past participle chipped)

to knock or strike small pieces off

This glass (was) chipped when I knocked it over.
chip in

to interrupt

He chipped in with a remark.

to give (money)

He chipped in with a dollar for the gift.



(American french fries) (usually in plural) a cut piece of potato (fried)

steak and chips.

a counter representing a certain value, used in gambling.


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