Übersetzung von “choke” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbchoke /tʃoʊk/
transitive-intransitive to have sth in the throat that prevents breathing
s'étouffer , s'étrangler

to choke on a piece of apple
s'étrangler avec un morceau de pomme

to choke to death
mourir étouffé
transitive =strangle; to stop sb from breathing by squeezing their neck

to choke sb to death
tuer qqn par strangulation
( choke up ) to block

roads choked with protesters
des routes bloquées par des manifestants

choke up

verb phrasalchoke up [ ˈtʃoʊk ˈʌp ]
to not be able to speak because you want to cry
avoir la gorge serrée

romantic movies that choke you up
des films romantiques qui vous prennent à la gorge
to block a passageway

leaves choking up the drain
des feuilles qui bouchent l'égout

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verb /tʃəuk/

to (cause to) stop, or partly stop, breathing

suffoquer, étouffer
The gas choked him
He choked to death.

to block

This pipe was choked with dirt.

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