Übersetzung von “circle” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablecircle /ˈsɜrkəl/
a round shape, or the line of this shape
cercle masculine

children sitting in a circle
des enfants assis en cercle

Cut out a circle of fabric.
Découpez un cercle dans le tissu.
a group of friends or people with a common interest, etc.
cercle masculine

a wide circle of friends
un large cercle d'amis

the New York circle of translators
le cercle new-yorkais de traducteurs
come/go full circle
to return to an original state
revenir à son point de départ , boucler la boucle

Back in Detroit, I felt my life had come full circle.
De retour à Détroit, j'ai senti que ma vie était revenue à son point de départ.
go around in circles
informal to repeat actions so you fail to make progress
tourner en rond

He knew he was just going around in circles.
Il comprit qu'il ne faisait que tourner en rond.


verbcircle /ˈsɜrkəl/
transitive to draw a circle around

Circle the correct answer.
Entourez la réponse correcte.
transitive-intransitive to continuously move around
décrire des cercles , encercler

The eagle circled above.
L'aigle décrivait des cercles au-dessus.

Soldiers circled the town.
Des soldats encerclaient la ville.

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noun /ˈsəːkl/

a figure (O) bounded by one line, every point on which is equally distant from the centre.


something in the form of a circle

She was surrounded by a circle of admirers.

a group of people

cercle, milieu
a circle of close friends
wealthy circles.

a balcony in a theatre etc

We sat in the circle at the opera.



to draw a circle round

Please circle the word you think is wrong.

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