Übersetzung von “clap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbclap /klæp/ ( clapping, clapped )
intransitive to repeatedly hit your hands together to show appreciation

clapping and cheering
applaudissant et acclamant

to clap to the music
applaudir au rythme de la musique
transitive to put your hands on someone or something suddenly and with force

She clapped her hands over her ears.
Elle plaqua ses mains sur ses oreilles.


nounclap /klæp/
countable a sudden loud noise
claquement masculine

a clap of thunder
un claquement de tonnerre
Brit singular the action of hitting your hands together
applaudissement masculine

Let's give him a clap!
Applaudissons-le !

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verb /klӕp/ (past tense past participle clapped)

to strike the palms of the hands together eg to show approval, to mark a rhythm, or to gain attention etc

applaudir; battre des mains
When the singer appeared, the audience started to clap loudly
They clapped the speech enthusiastically
Clap your hands in time to the music.

to strike (someone) with the palm of the hand, often in a friendly way

donner une tape
He clapped him on the back and congratulated him.

to put suddenly (into prison, chains etc)

They clapped him in jail.



an act of clapping

applaudissement; tape
They gave the performer a clap
He gave me a clap on the back.

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