Übersetzung von “clash” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiveclash /klæʃ/
to argue or fight

Demonstrators clashed with the police.
Des manifestants ont affronté la police.

The couple is constantly clashing over money.
Le couple s'affronte constamment à propos de l'argent.
to look unattractive together
jurer , détonner

The yellow t-shirt clashes with her skirt.
Ce t-shirt jaune jure avec sa jupe.
to inconveniently happen at the same time
tomber en même temps

two meetings which clash
deux réunions qui tombent en même temps


noun countable clash [ klæʃ ]
a disagreement or fight
affrontement masculine

violent clashes between rival gangs
des affrontements violents entre bandes rivales
a negative effect produced when two things or people are together
choc masculine , conflit masculine

a clash of cultures
un choc des cultures

a personality clash
un conflit de personnalités
a loud metallic noise
fracas masculine

a loud clash in the other room
un fracas sonore dans l'autre pièce

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noun /klӕʃ/

a loud noise, like eg swords striking together

choc métallique
the clash of metal on metal.

a serious disagreement or difference

a clash of personalities.

a battle

a clash between opposing armies.

(of two or more things) an act of interfering with each other because of happening at the same time

coïncidence fãcheuse
a clash between classes.



to fight (in battle)

The two armies clashed at the mouth of the valley.

to disagree violently

ètre en désaccord (sur)
They clashed over wages.

to interfere (with something or each other) because of happening at the same time

tomber en mème temps
The two lectures clash.

(of colours) to appear unpleasant when placed together

jurer (avec)
The (colour of the) jacket clashes with the (colour of the) skirt.

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