Übersetzung von “clean” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveclean /klin/
not dirty

a clean shirt
une chemise propre

clean water
eau pure

Wipe your hands clean.
Essuie-toi les mains.

We're trying to keep the house clean.
Nous essayons de garder la maison propre.
not connected to or involving illegal activities
sans tache , clean

a clean police record
un casier judiciaire vierge
not using bad or sexually explicit language

clean jokes
plaisanteries anodines


verb transitive-intransitiveclean /klin/
to remove dirt from

to clean the house
nettoyer la maison

I hate cleaning.
Je déteste faire le ménage.

clean out

verb phrasalclean out [ ˈklin ˈaʊt ]
to remove dirt and objects from a space
nettoyer à fond

to clean out the kitchen drawers
nettoyer à fond les tiroirs de la cuisine

I cleaned out my old clothes from the closet.
J'ai débarrassé le placard de mes vieux vêtements.

clean up

verb phrasalclean up [ ˈklin ˈʌp ]
to make a place clean and neat
(re)mettre de l'ordre

to clean up after the party
remettre de l'ordre après la réception

I'll clean up the kids' toys.
Je vais ranger les jouets des enfants.
to wash

I want to clean myself up before dinner.
Je veux me laver/débarbouiller avant le dîner.
to get rid of bad or illegal activities
nettoyer , remettre de l'ordre dans

to clean up the city streets
remettre de l'ordre dans les rues de la ville
clean up your act
informal to begin to behave more responsibly

Corrupt officers were told to clean up their act.
On a sommé les officiers corrompus de s'amender.


nounclean [ klin ] Brit
see clean-up

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adjective /kliːn/

free from dirt, smoke etc

a clean window
a clean dress.

neat and tidy in one’s habits

Cats are very clean animals.


a clean sheet of paper.

free from evil or indecency

a clean life

neat and even

a clean cut.
cleaner noun

cleanly adverb

The knife cut cleanly through the cheese.
cleanly /ˈklenli/ adjective

clean in personal habits.

cleanliness /ˈklen-/ noun

clean up

to clean (a place) thoroughly

nettoyer (à fond)
She cleaned (the room) up after they went home.
a clean bill of health

a certificate saying that a person, the crew of ship etc is entirely healthy (especially after being ill)

en parfait état de santé
I’ve been off work but I’ve got a clean bill of health now.
a clean slate

a fresh start

nouveau départ
After being in prison he started his new job with a clean slate.
come clean

to tell the truth about something, often about something about which one has previously lied.

révéler qqch.
make a clean sweep

to get rid of everything unnecessary or unwanted

faire table rase de
The new manager made a clean sweep of all the lazy people in the department.

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