Übersetzung von “clear” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveclear /klɪər/
(of writing) easy to understand

a clear message
un message clair

The instructions aren't clear.
Les instructions ne sont pas claires.
=obvious; without doubt
clair/claire , évident/-ente

Make it clear (that) he should be there.
Dis-lui clairement qu'il devrait être là.

It's not clear whether she wants it or not.
Il n'est pas évident de savoir si elle le veut ou pas.
not blocked or covered by anything

a clear work surface
une surface de travail dégagée

The roads were clear of traffic.
Les routes étaient libres de circulation.
=transparent; able to be seen through
transparent/-ente , limpide

clear glass
verre transparent
able to be heard or seen easily
clair/claire , net/nette , distinct/-incte

The picture on the screen wasn't clear.
L'image sur l'écran n'était pas nette.

Speak in a clear voice.
Parle d'une voix claire.
sure or certain
sûr/sûre , certain/certaine

Are you clear about what you need to take?
Es-tu sûr/certain de ce que tu dois prendre ?


verbclear /klɪər/
transitive to remove things or people from a place
débarrasser , dégager

to clear the table
débarrasser la table

He cleared his plate of food.
Il a nettoyé son assiette.

Police cleared the area immediately.
Les policiers ont immédiatement fait évacuer la zone .
transitive to officially state sb is not guilty of a crime
disculper , innocenter

He was cleared of murder.
Il a été disculpé du meurtre.
clear sb's name
to prove sb is not guilty
prouver l'innocence de qqn

She has vowed to clear her own name.
Elle s'est juré de prouver sa propre innocence.
intransitive (of sky) to stop being cloudy

The sky began to clear.
Le ciel commence à s'éclaircir.
transitive to move over or pass without touching

The plane barely cleared the tower.
L'avion a évité la tour de justesse.
intransitive (of a check) to be considered valid by a bank
être compensé/-ée

The check will take a few days to clear.
Il faudra quelques jours pour que le chèque soit compensé.
clear the air
to remove a bad feeling by discussing its cause
détendre l'atmosphère

a long talk that seemed to clear the air
une longue discussion qui semblait détendre l'atmosphère

clear out

verb phrasal clear out [ ˈklɪər ˈaʊt ]
to remove things in order to make a place neat
nettoyer , débarrasser

We're clearing out the spare bedroom.
Nous débarrassons la chambre d'amis.
informal to make people leave a place quickly
faire évacuer

They had to clear everyone out of the building.
Il ont dû faire évacuer entièrement l'immeuble.

clear up

verb phrasal clear up [ ˈklɪər ˈʌp ]
(of weather) to stop raining or being cloudy

It'll clear up this afternoon.
Ça va s'éclaircir cet après-midi.
(of illness) to improve
s'améliorer , se calmer

The chest infection is clearing up.
L'infection des voies respiratoires tire à sa fin.

The cream cleared up the rash.
La crème a calmé l'éruption.
to solve a problem or explain sth

to clear up the mystery of the missing files
résoudre le mystère des fichiers manquants
Brit to make a place neat

It's time to clear up this mess.
Il est temps de nettoyer cette pagaille.


adverbclear /klɪər/
away from

Stand clear of the edge.
Tiens-toi loin du bord.
keep/steer/stay clear of
to avoid sb or sth that is unpleasant or dangerous

Steer clear of all illegal drugs.
Evite toutes les drogues illégales.


noun clear [ klɪər ]
in the clear
not thought to be guilty anymore
blanchi/-ie de tout soupçon

The defendant is now in the clear.
L'accusé est maintenant blanchi de tout soupçon.
not in danger from sth any more
hors de danger

Blood tests show she is now in the clear.
Les analyses de sang montrent qu'elle est maintenant hors de danger.
not thought to be guilty anymore
blanchi/-ie de tout soupçon

The defendant is now in the clear.
L'accusé est maintenant blanchi de tout soupçon.
not in danger from sth any more
hors de danger

Blood tests show she is now in the clear.
Les analyses de sang montrent qu'elle est maintenant hors de danger.

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adjective /kliə/

easy to see through; transparent

clear glass.

free from mist or cloud

Isn’t the sky clear!

easy to see, hear or understand

a clear explanation
The details on that photograph are very clear.

free from difficulty or obstacles

a clear road ahead.

free from guilt etc

a clear conscience.

free from doubt etc

bien comprendre
Are you quite clear about what I mean?

(often with of) without (risk of) being touched, caught etc

à l’écart de
Is the ship clear of the rocks? clear of danger.

(often with of) free

libre de
clear of debt
clear of all infection.
clearance noun

the act of clearing or removing

The clearance of these trees from the front of the window will give you more light.

the empty space between two objects

You can drive the lorry under the bridge – there’s a clearance of half a metre.

(a certificate) giving permission for something to be done.

clearing noun

a piece of land cleared of wood etc for cultivation

a clearing in the forest.
clearly adverb

clearness noun

clear-cut adjective

having a clear outline; plain and definite

clear-cut features.
clearway noun

a stretch of road on which motorists are forbidden to stop.

route à stationnement interdit
clear off

to go away

He cleared off without saying a word.
clear out

to get rid of

He cleared the rubbish out of the attic.

to make tidy by emptying etc

He has cleared out the attic.
clear up

to make clean, tidy etc

Clear up this mess!

to become better etc

If the weather clears up, we’ll go for a picnic.
in the clear

no longer under suspicion, in danger etc.

au-dessus de tout soupçon; hors de danger



(often with of) to prove the innocence of; to declare to be innocent

He was cleared of all charges.

(of the sky etc) to become bright, free from cloud etc.

se dégager

to get over or past something without touching it

He cleared the jump easily.

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