Die Übersetzung von "close" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adverb /kləus/

near in time, place etc

près (de)
He stood close to his mother
Follow close behind.

tightly; neatly

a close-fitting dress.
closely adverb

de près, étroitement
Look closely at him
She resembles her father closely.
closeness noun

close call/shave

a narrow (often lucky) escape

l’échapper belle
That was a close shave – that car nearly ran you over.
close-set adjective

(of eyes etc) positioned very near each other.

close-up noun

a photograph or film taken near the subject and thus big in scale

gros plan
The close-up of the model showed her beautiful skin.
close at hand

nearby; not far off

à proximité
My mother lives close at hand.
close on

almost; nearly

pas loin de
She’s close on sixty.
close to

near in time, place, relationship etc

près de
close to 3 o’clock
close to the hospital
close to his mother.

almost; nearly

près de
close to fifty years of age.

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