Übersetzung von “club” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableclub /klʌb/
an association of people involved in the same activity
club masculine

members of a chess club
membres d'un club d'échecs

to join the camping club
adhérer au club de camping

a soccer/baseball club
un club de football/baseball
a nightclub
boîte feminine (de nuit)

They went to a dance club.
Ils sont allés en boîte.
( golf club ) a stick for hitting a ball in golf
club masculine (de golf)

a new set of clubs
un nouveau jeu de clubs
a blunt stick-like weapon
matraque feminine

The man swung the club.
L'homme brandit la matraque.
; see also clubs


verb transitive club [ klʌb ] ( clubbing, clubbed )
to hit repeatedly with a blunt stick-like weapon

He had been clubbed to death.
On l'avait matraqué à mort.

club together

verb phrasal club together [ ˈklʌb təˌgɛðər ] Brit
to save money as a group
se cotiser

We clubbed together to buy her a leaving present.
Nous nous sommes cotisés pour lui acheter un cadeau de départ.

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noun /klab/

a heavy stick etc used as a weapon.


a bat or stick used in certain games (especially golf)

Which club will you use?

a number of people meeting for study, pleasure, games etc

the local tennis club.

the place where these people meet

He goes to the club every Friday.

one of the playing-cards of the suit clubs.

clubs noun plural

(sometimes treated as noun singular) one of the four card suits which is black and shaped like a clover

the six of clubs.

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