Übersetzung von “code” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncode /koʊd/
countable-uncountable a system for communicating using secret combinations of symbols
code masculine

a message written in code
un message écrit en code
break a code
to figure out how a code works
décrypter un code
countable a set of rules for behavior
code masculine

a code of conduct
un code de conduite
dress code
rules about what to wear in a particular place
code vestimentaire
countable a series of numbers that identifies or allows sth
code masculine

the code that turns off the alarm
le code qui désactive l'alarme
; see also area code, zip code

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noun /kəud/

a collection of laws or rules

a code of behaviour.

a (secret) system of words, letters, or symbols

the Morse Code
The message was in code
We have deciphered the enemy’s code.

a system of symbols etc for translating one type of language into another

There are a number of codes for putting English into a form usable by a computer.

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