Übersetzung von “collect” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcollect /kəˈlɛkt/
transitive-intransitive to gather or bring together from different places
rassembler , recueillir , collecter

We're collecting cans for recycling.
Nous collectons des canettes pour les recycler.

to collect money for charity
faire une collecte d'argent pour des œuvres caritatives

Rainwater collects in the barrel.
L'eau de pluie est recueillie dans le tonneau.
transitive to get and keep things of a similar type as a hobby

I collected model airplanes as a child.
Enfant, je collectionnais les modèles réduits d'avions.
transitive Brit =pick up; go to get sb or sth

to collect the children from school
aller chercher les enfants à l'école


adverbcollect /kəˈlɛkt/
call collect
to telephone sb and have the bill paid by the person your are calling
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verb /kəˈlekt/

to bring or come together; to gather

(se) rassembler
People are collecting in front of the house
I collect stamps
I’m collecting (money) for cancer research
He’s trying to collect his thoughts.

to call for and take away

aller chercher
She collects the children from school each day.
collected adjective

gathered together in one book etc

recueil (de)
the collected poems of Robert Burns.

composed; cool

maître de soi
She appeared quite calm and collected.
collection /-ʃən/ noun

(an) act of collecting

Your letter won’t get to London tomorrow – you’ve missed the last collection (= of mail from a postbox) for today.

a set of objects etc collected

a stamp collection.
collective /-tiv/ adjective

of a number of people etc combined into one group

This success was the result of a collective effort.

of a noun, taking a singular verb but standing for many things taken as a whole

‘Cattle’ is a collective noun.
collectively adverb

They were collectively responsible for the man’s death.
collector noun

a person who collects, as a job or as a hobby

a ticket-collector / stamp-collector.

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