Übersetzung von “comfort” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncomfort /ˈkʌmfərt/
uncountable a state of feeling relaxed and being without pain
confort masculine

a seat designed for the driver's comfort
un siège conçu pour le confort du conducteur
countable-uncountable relief or reassurance about sth
réconfort masculine

We take comfort from our families.
Nous trouvons du réconfort auprès de nos familles.

It's a comfort to him to know you're here.
C'est pour lui un réconfort de vous savoir ici.
uncountable a situation in which you have everything you need in life
confort masculine

wealthy people living in comfort
des gens fortunés vivant dans le confort


verb transitivecomfort /ˈkʌmfərt/
to reassure sb when they are sad or worried
réconforter , consoler

I didn't know how to comfort her.
Je ne sais pas comment la réconforter/consoler.

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noun /ˈkamfət/

a pleasant condition of being physically or mentally relaxed, happy, warm etc

They now live in comfort.

anything that provides a little luxury, or makes one feel happier, or better able to bear misfortune

He enjoyed the comforts of the hotel
Her presence was a comfort to him in his grief
words of comfort.
comfortable adjective

in comfort; pleasantly relaxed

à l’aise
He looked very comfortable in his chair.

producing a good physical feeling

a comfortable chair.

financially secure without being rich

a comfortable standard of living.
comfortably adverb

comforting adjective

producing a pleasant or relaxed feeling

a comforting thought.
be comfortably off

to have enough money to live in comfort.

être à l’aise

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